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Frequently Asked Questions...

The following Questions and Answers comment on a small part of the Competition Rule Book and must not be taken as a definitive answer to these Questions.


If your question is not answered here contact a League Representative who will assist you.


Please make yourselves familiar with all of the Competition Rules. REMEMBER ignorance of the rules could cost your Club money!!


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Questions for the League Welfare Office

What is the procedure if someone has concerns over the welfare of child?

Please contact your Club Welfare Officer immediately who will speak with you in confidence, and will advise and assist you on the best course of action to be taken.

What is the procedure if someone wants to take photos / videos of a match?

Permission must be obtained from the opposition manager, if on consulting his parents, he is happy to allow photos / videos to be taken, he will inform the referee and opposing manager. If he refuses permission, he need not give a reason and his wishes must be respected.

Questions for the Fixture Secretary

Many questions also answered on the fixture guidelines memo click here...


What do we do if we have no fixture arranged?

You will remain on standby. If a fixture becomes available the League will contact your Club Secretary up to 5 days prior to the match.

What is the procedure for confirming a fixture?

refer to RULE 10(D)
GUIDANCE NOTE: The home team must contact the opposing team 4 clear days prior to the start of the match to confirm the venue and kick-off time. The home team must also confirm the game to the referee, if one has been appointed.

When do we replay a postponed Cup Match?

refer to RULE 10(C)
GUIDANCE NOTE: Postponed Cup matches will be played as instructed by the fixture secretary, but generally on the next date set aside for cup fixtures.

What do we do if a scheduled fixture has already been played?

In the unlikely event of a previously played being reschedule, contact the Fixtures Secretary ASAP so that he can arrange new fixtures

What do we do if the allocated pitch is not available?

refer to RULE 10(F)
GUIDANCE NOTE: If you cannot play on you own allocated pitch for any reason, you should first try and find an alternative venue, if you are unsuccessful you should then contact the opposition to see if they are able to host the game. If both teams are unable to find a venue, you should contact with the League Secretary or Fixture Secretary, who will allocate you a parks pitch.

How do teams arrange a Stand Down?

refer to RULE 10(F)
GUIDANCE NOTE: The Club Secretary of the team must apply in writing to the League Secretary giving at least 14 days notice of the Stand Down. 1 Stand Down, 1 school activities Stand Down, and 1 Easter holidays Stand Down is allowed per team, each season. Teams are also permitted to apply for 1 Emergency Stand Down.

Questions for the Match Secretary

How do we make a complaint about an incident during a match?

refer to RULE 15
GUIDANCE NOTE: Any complaints must come in writing via your Club Secretary. All complaints must be addressed to the League Secretary. If the complaint regards the welfare of a child, please contact your Club Welfare Officer immediately

What is the procedure for postponed games?

refer to RULE 10(F)
GUIDANCE NOTE: Games can only be postponed by the referee or the ground owner and only for the reason of the pitch being unfit to play. If a game is postponed and the referee has turned up at the venue, then he must be offered half of his match fee. The match sheet must still be completed (other than players names) and reported in the normal way; be sure to write ‘Postponed Game’ on the sheet.

What is the procedure for abandoned games?

refer to RULE 10(F)
GUIDANCE NOTE: The referee will abandon a game if he feels it is unsafe to continue. Once a game is abandoned the referee must be offered his full match fee. The match sheet must be completed and reported in the normal way; be sure to write ‘Abandoned Game’ on the sheet.

Questions for the Results Co-ordinators

How are results reported to the League?

refer to RULE 11
GUIDANCE NOTE: Results and scorers names MUST be reported to the relevant Results Co-ordinator before 7pm on the day of the match. All telephone calls must be made between 6pm and 7pm. Results can also be emailed to the Results Co-ordinators any time after the match up to 7pm. An online form is also now available on this website to report results. Match sheets must also be sent to the Match Secretary by the Wednesday following the game. If the above procedure is not followed, a fine will be issued.

How do we report a suspected error in the tables, results or scorers?

Any suspected error in the league tables, results or scorers should be sent in writing by either the Club Secretary or Team Manager to the Website Administrator.

Questions for the Registration Secretaries

Do we have to offer our registration cards for inspection?

refer to RULE 8(K)
Yes. All registration cards must be shown to the opposing manager prior to the commencement of each game. This must then be indicated on the match sheet; failure to do this will result in a fine.

How many players can we register in a squad?

refer to RULE 8(E)
GUIDANCE NOTE: 10 players at under 7 and 8; 14 players at under 9 to 12; 16 Players at under 13, 14, and 15; 20 players at under 16 and Youth.

How do we register players once the season has started?

refer to RULE 8B
GUIDANCE NOTE: If the player is not registered with another club in this league, and as long as the team has not registered more than their allocated number of players for the season, then you can sign the player in the normal way, using your player registration forms. Be sure that the Club Secretary telephones the Registration Secretary, to make an appointment for one of the many registration nights held at St Finbarr's Sports and Social Club.

Can we de-register a player?

Yes. To deregister a player, simply compete a De-registration form, and forward it, with their ID card to the Registration Secretary for your age group.

Can a player de-register themselves?

refer to RULE 8(I)(B)
GUIDANCE NOTE: If a player has not been selected for a team for 4 weeks or more, they can apply to be de-registered from their club. They are then free agents and can join another club as a new registration, not a transfer.

How old do players need to be to play in each age band?

refer to RULE 8B
for guidance refer to the age band page of this website

What is the procedure for transferring a player during the season?

refer to RULE 8(I)
GUIDANCE NOTE: If you wish to transfer a player currently playing for another club, your Club Secretary must first give the Club Secretary of the player’s club, 7 days written notice of your intent to approach the player. Please copy the Registration Secretaries into this notice. You must NOT approach any registered player without first obtaining permission from their club, or waiting 7 days following the written request.

Are there any restrictions to signing players?

refer to RULE 8(B) and RULE 8(J)
GUIDANCE NOTE: Yes. a) Players must be signed at least 48hrs prior to a match

b) please make an appointment with the Registration Secretaries to attend one of the many Registration Nights thoughout the season, held at St Finbarr's Sports and Social Club.

c) You cannot register or transfer players once the end of March transfer deadline has passed.

What do we do if we lose a registration card?

refer to RULE 8(K)
GUIDANCE NOTE: You must inform the League Secretary immediately, who will give the Registration Secretary a deadline for the reissue a replacement card.

Questions for the Referee's Co-ordinator

How do we get a referee if we’re not allocated one?

Referees sometimes become available at the last minute, if this is the case the Referee’s Co-ordinator will call you, if one can be allocated to your game.

If a referee turns up to a game and calls it off, are they still entitled to payment?

refer to RULE 13(F)
GUIDANCE NOTE: Yes. They are entitled to half their match fee. If the game is started and then abandoned for any reason, then they are entitled to their full match fee

What happens if we have no official referee?

refer to RULE 13(B)
GUIDANCE NOTE: If you have no referee appointed to your game, a competent person may be appointed by the team managers. In order to determine the referee, a coin shall be tossed between the two managers, with the winning manager choosing the referee.

Are stand-in referees entitled to payment?

refer to RULE 13(B)
Yes, at under 11 and above. No, at under 10 and below.

Can the two teams share the refereeing, doing one half each?

No. The only circumstance where the referee may be changed during a match is if the original referee is injured and unable to continue

Questions for the League Treasurer

We need to pay the League, who do we make cheques out to?

Please make cheques payable to J.B.C.M.F.L

What are the fees for entering into the League?

For Season 2014/15 the fees are: £25.00 for an under 7 & 8 team, £40.00 for under 9 & 10, £45.00 for a 9-a-side team, and £50.00 for an 11-a-side team.



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