Information for Match Officials & Managers

Here are a few details concerning playing matches within our league.



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Procedures for Playing Matches...

double headers | confirming matches | kick-off times | team sheets | match fees | substitutes | marking referees


For information on Playing Formats and Dimensions click here...


Double Headers top

Where a double headed game is played each match must have a half time interval of five minutes between each of the two equal halves of play, with two separate team sheets for each of the matches. For detailed information on playing Double Headers click here...


Confirming Matches top

Please advise the Referees Secretary should your appointment not be confirmed by the home team by the preceding Thursday evening of the Sunday fixture.


Kick-off Times top

Kick-off times should be at 11:00am or 1:30pm unless otherwise stated, report any late kick-off or should the fully completed team sheet not be submitted to you before kick-off indicating on the team sheet the Club responsible and any relevant circumstances.


Team Sheets top

The fully completed team sheet must be submitted to the Referee 10 minutes before kick-off.  Teams not complying must be reported on the team sheet.

Please make sure that team sheets are correctly completed before you sign them.  DO NOT SIGN A BLANK TEAM SHEET.


Match Fees top

Please report any failure to pay your match fee to the Referees Appointment Secretary.


Clubs failing to pay the match fee within 5 minutes following the conclusion of the match this must be reported to the League Secretary.


Substitutes top


Teams playing in the small sided-mini soccer shall consist of seven players the number of substitutes allowed for each team shall be seven.  There will be no restriction on how many times players shall be allowed to leave and re-enter the field of play (repeat substitutions) subject to the substitution being carried out in accordance with F.A. Law 3
Please note:  the F.A. guidance for the Laws of Mini-Soccer


9-a-side & 11-a-side (including under 17 & 18)

Up to five substitutes per team may be nominated, in the under 11’s to Youth age groups, all five named substitutes may be permitted to play, any player who has been substituted during a match himself becomes a substitute and may in turn replace another player at any time (repeat substitutions) subject to the substitution being carried out in accordance with F.A. Law.


Marking Referees top

For guidance for managers on assessing referees' performance click here...


Referees should not request Clubs in advising them of the assessment marks given by the teams following the match.



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